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Gyms For Dogs™ would like to feature your business so that people looking for pet care needs in your area can locate your business. Gyms For Dogs™ gets requests from people traveling or moving to new locations and is asking for leaders; places where they can live or take their dog to play. If we have your information in our Pet Care Leaders page, then people can see you as the recognized leader in your geographic area. Please fill out the questions below so we can create a profile for your business to provide to people looking for pet care needs, housing needs, pet play needs, etc. Please answer the questions as openly as possible and we are very excited to hear about your business, how you got into the business and anything that you feel makes your pet care area special.

The goal with this is to connect people seeking pet care professionals and places to live and play with pets with the leaders in the pet care industry.

Submit Your Story
Please submit your logo and/or 10-15 images of your best pictures that feature your facility’s play and exercise area, preferably with dogs on the equipment, any special dogs or images of your group staff or any images that would focus on the exercise and play amenity of your pet care areas. Any special dogs with special needs or special stories, please include.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB