Dog Park Products - Urban Dog Run


For smaller areas offering 3 or 4 play items for dogs.

Dog Park Products - Climb And Play


Medium-sized park designs offering 6 or more stations for dogs.

Dog Park Products - Run And Play


For larger park areas offering a variety of fun and playful stations for dogs.

Dog Park Equipment

  Promotes healthy behaviour and physical activity in dogs and dog owners

  Color Play™ provides a wide variety of colors offered

  Available in pre-configured and custom agility courses

  Manufactured in the U.S.A.

  Constructed with high-quality commercial-grade materials

  Gyms For Dogs™ equipment can be customized to fit your site

Dog Park Play Courses

 Pre-configured courses that are based on popular play activites

 Provide activities for dogs regardless of ability or skill level

 Promote physical activity, confidence level, and healthy play behavior

 Allow dogs to master skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling, and more

 Provide a healthy outdoor environment that encourages bonding between dog and dog owner

Being Outdoors With Your Dog

 Exposure to healthy sunlight which is a rich source of Vitamin D

 A boost to the immune system and helps develop healthy bones

 Being outdoors means breathing fresh air and allowing for greater oxygenization of the blood

 Provides for a greater workout due to changes in terrain, temperature, environment etc

 Our equipment is designed and built to be fun for dogs!

Natural Dog Park Equipment

Dog Park Products - Hill Climb

Hill Climb

Jump Hurdles for Dog Parks

Jump Hurdles

Balance Beams for Dogs

Jump Balance Beam

Bridge Climb for Dog Parks

Bridge Climb

Mini Hill Climb for Dog Exercise

Mini Hill Climb

Dog Park Products - Training Platform

Training Platform

Tunnel House for Dog Parks

Tunnel House

>Garden Dog Gyms for Dogs

Garden Dog

The Dog Post Leash Post Toy Box

The Dog Post Leash Post Toy Box

Log Bench for Dog Parks

Log Bench

Hammie's Tunnel House for Dog Parks

Hammie's Tunnel House

Ellie's Jump Balance Beam for Dog Parks

Ellie's Jump Balance Beam

Dog Climbing Boulders

Climbing Boulders

Fire Hydrants for Dog Parks

Fire Hydrants

Dog Wash Station

Dog Wash

Dog Water Fountains

Water Fountain

Camo Dog Hill Climb for Dog Parks

Camo Dog Hill Climb

Camo Dog Bridge Climb for Dog Parks

Camo Dog Bridge Climb

Doggie Benches and Doggy Benches

Benches & Waste Receptacles

Pet Waste Dispenser

Pet Waste Stations

Dog Park Signage and Signs

Dog Park Signage

Dog Park Fences

Dog Park Fences

Dog Park Surfaces

Dog Park Surfaces

Dog Park Lighting

Dog Park Lighting


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