Ellie Mae Sarver

Love you forever

May 16, 2008 – February 12, 2020

Ellie you were the best dog ever – I will miss you so much; our morning truck rides to get caffeine and morning snacks, playing non-stop, walks around your lake, getting treats from the bank tellers and road trips. I will miss having you under my feet at my desk and your paws on my feet. I remember so clear the very first time I met you and how strong you were at 4 weeks old, I will never forget the great times we spent together. No more suffering baby, that hurt me to see you go thru what you & I went thru, but we fought together – what a warrior you were ! I will miss cleaning you head to toe and making you feel good, watching you smile after a bath and cleaning made me feel so good. I am sorry you didn’t get to live a full life, I wanted to grow old with you baby. I hope you are playing and jumping with friends in field, rolling your back on a squeaky ball and near clean water with a dock for you to jump off of.  I hope your tail is wagging non stop and you have plenty of treats.


Your amazing ability to jump, climb and your athletic ability and drive was the inspiration behind our company and most of our products were designed specifically from watching you and what you liked to be challenged with – you loved walking, your balance beam, your face was so challenged. You inspired us to make more things for you and doing the park installs with you and Hamm, wow the most fun I have ever had. I am sorry we never saw the ocean together that would have been so much fun with you.


Ellie Bear I remember driving to Ada – Lowell Michigan and how we picked each other out that day, the best day of my life, and how you drank my big 32 ounce caffeine drink while I went into to the store to buy you your first ‘pink’ girly blanket. Your amazing ability to jump and climb was incredible and will continue to be driving force for our company and our products. Your kisses were the best ever looking into your beautiful dark brown deep eyes. .


I will never forget your beautiful thick black hair and your incredible smile and kisses – It hurts so bad – you will be in my mind and heart everyday of my life. I will continue to fight for pet safety rights so other dogs will not suffer like you had to. I am going to miss caring for you more than anything, taking care of you was always my top priority.  We loved each other baby –


I love you Pretty Girl !  John


(May 2008 – February 2020)

Ellie you were The Best Dog ever. I will miss you baby girl. I will never ever forget the first day we picked each other in your puppy front yard and how strong you were as a little puppy. The time we spent together doing fun stuff was the best times ever.

I am going to miss caring for you and making you feel good. No more suffering for you baby. I hope you are playing hard and rolling your back on squeaky balls and jumping off of boat docks. I will miss our morning truck rides to get treats. I hope you are having fun and your tail is wagging.

I long for the day to see you again and miss your bountiful energy, beautiful coat and sweet personality.

I love you so much and will always remember our time together my ‘Pretty Girl’

Love forever !