The Park Caddy Free Standing


This is the great solution for helping keeping your park clean. This is a normal pet waste station with a pooper scooper attachment. Park users will love this complete pet waste station with a bag dispenser as well as a pooper scooper. We recommend putting this in an area against a fence or wall so the dogs will not have any room to go behind it Our research indicates this is a great solution for helping keep your park clean. Made in the USA and comes in several natural colors and as well as custom options available.



The ultimate dog park clean up station. A regular pet waste station with a pooper scooper added to the back of the station. Our research as indicated providing this pooper scooper option will significantly help you keep your park clean.

We suggest putting several of these in your dog park.


The Pet Waste Station - BlackThe Pet Waste Station - Grass GreenThe Pet Waste Station - Nutmeg